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Jackson Inventors Network

Jackson Inventors Network
(JIN) is a regional, non-profit support group based in Jackson, Michigan. Inventors, marketers, and creative people come together to learn and network. It is a place to learn from each other’s successful, and sometimes not so successful, endeavours. Through networking, creative people will find that they are not alone, that many people understand their situation.
JIN is also a resource center with ideas, books, suggestions, and other information to assist people with their creative endeavour.

JIN is a diverse group that welcomes anyone with creative interests. If you are an existing, longstanding business that has created a new product but is having difficulty with market penetration, JIN can help. If you just have a product or service idea and don’t have the slightest concept of what to do next, come on down! We may not have all the answers - maybe we can just provide a piece or two of the puzzle for you - but what have you got to lose?

For more information visit the JIN website at www.jacksoninventors.org, or e-Mail John Hopkins at johndhopkins1@gmail.com.