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Invitation to a JSBSC Associates Open House

Please join us for a brief and personal introduction of the Jackson Small Business Support Center and the business building process available to those who become JSBSC Associates.

Your visit will take less than an hour and will follow the typical format below. Also below is a schedule of the open houses that we will be conducting at the JSBSC training center at 950 W. Monroe in Jackson.

1:00 Arrive at our offices and socialize
1:10 Meet in our training room
  • Overview the who, what and why of the Jackson Small Business Support Center
    • Small Business Classes
    • Consulting and Mentoring
    • Network of Business Associates
  • Details of the Network of Business Associates
    • Provide services for local small businesses
    • Doing business with other Associates
    • Benefits & Commitments
    • Qualification
  • Q & A Discussion
1:59 Thank You for visiting with us

Schedule of Associate Open House Meetings

  • Thursday, 10/22 @ 9:00 - 10:00AM
Register to attend a JSBSC Associates Open house Meeting

It helps us plan if you would register and let us know when you will be attending, however it is not necessary to register...just stop by at one of the Open House meetings listed on the schedule.
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